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For our clients we offering a special information service which is enabled by separate login to our hidden project pages

If you are interested in: Please send us your basic information of interest and we send you your login datas and the specific project web address.

Dear esteemed Visitor,

we devoted ourselves in knowing that our clients come first.Â&xnbsp;
Together with our clients, we drive any common business to a successful closing.

Moreover, we offer our services on a deal-by-deal basis which reflects our preferences for investment discretion, where many investors are hands-on business owners themselves.

And we accompany our clients as long as they are interested in our expertise, work flow and knowledge. So we could cover nearly every investment situation started by small business projects until real big challenges. Excellent reporting and management is state of the art.

Most interesting and exciting business opportunity will expand hand in hand with the extreme growth of new technologies worldwide (cutting edge). To learn more please enter this site or contact us by Email. We highly appreciate your interest.

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Dr. A.Aschenbrenner
CEO of the
Sourcerers Group International Ltd.

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K. Franke
Head of legal Department
SourcerersGroup Ltd.

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