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We are located at the heart of the city of London UK.
Trojan House, TOP Floor
34, Arcadia Avenue
N3 2JU London
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 74 35 35 72 65
Web: www.sourcerersgroup.com
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Dr. A. Aschenbrenner, CEO

K. Franke, Head of legal Department

Please do not hesitate to contact us directly.


was founded to enhance the worldwide resource and knowledge management of enterprises and economies. We view globalization as an opportunity for the efficient exchange of goods and know-how. And we strive to add our small contribution letting globalization enfold in the most positive way to strengthen the wealth of nations, companies and people likewise.On the one hand we help to identify, evaluate and provide reliable sources for raw material, mining products, feedstock and refined mineral derivates. We assist in planning and carrying out procurement process, downstream investments and - if wished - in organizing the logistics underlying the concrete transaction. Our focus is on facilitating our clients to acquire the right good at the right quantity, specification, time and price.

Forging transnational partnerships for growth, wealth and development

On the other hand we support govern-mental bodies as well as local investors, stakeholders, communities and authorities in the sustainable development of their treasures of the soil and natural resour-ces. Our goal is to be partner for progress and wealth beneficial to all groups involved. This is achieved by carefully designing projects, finding potent and reputated investors with a true sense of commitment, by the localization of elements of the value chain and by preventing reckless exploitation and short-minded greed for profit.


Currently we are searching forÂ&xnbsp; well connected & experienced Trade Manager (or Partner). We expect long term experience in international physical and economic energy trading as well fluent english and spanish or italian language skills are absolutely necessary. More…


We concentrate on following fields of action, where we take parts of intermediaries/brokers, consultants and/or project developers/managers:

Petrochemical Products
Mining Sources
Products & Project

Agricultural Sources
Products & Projects

Energy Projects

Technology & Know-how Transfer

To facilitate the global supply of energy products and services for the mutual benefit of our clients by employing business models that extends our ability beyond traditional energy businesses.
hroughout its development and transformation, Sourcerers Group Intern. has been fully aware that the needs of every client are unique, and requires that it maintain complete flexibility in terms of the range of services offered to its client.
This justifies the company's approach in meeting every situation with a package incorporating the relevant company systems needed to ensure that its client's requirements are exceeded. It is also our culture to cooperate and liaise completely with our client and other engineering contractors where applicable to establish consistency in planning and project execution, and the successful delivery of products ordered.

Our core values are



SGI's project management provides businesses with a method of planning, organising, managing and executing a specific task, objective or set of goals.
It is widely used in IT and construction but can apply in any business.



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