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SGI's (Sourcerers Group International Ltd) mission is to provide the most respected and knowledgeable consulting advice to our clients in the alternative investment industry. We provide our customers with in-depth scientific, techno-economic analysis and outstanding investment projects that gives them a competitive advantage in this dynamic and rapidly growing industry.

Our team of experts includes highly experienced economists, MBAs, Ph.D. biochemists, engineers, and capable of providing authoritative information on all aspects of the alternative value chain including investment strategies and business development, process optimization, and commercial economics to help investors or project owners and such companies grow their business and to provide due diligence assessments for critical decisions around mergers, acquisitions, and inter-company investments.
Sourcerers Group concentrates only in excellent businesses for our clients. We devoted ourselves in knowing that our clients come first.Â&xnbsp; Together with our clients, we drive any common business to a successful closing.

SGI or one of their daughter companies provide first hand and mostly exclusive access to selected investment opportunities in mining, energy or waste management projects as well as in intellectual property and novel technologies. Our final goal is to get much more in the situation where we enter the stage not only as business developer, scouts, brokers or minor partner, but as co- and lead financers to seize investment opportunities with full risk commitment and return expectation especially within physical energy trading.

SGI, as a worldwide trading and consulting company is focused on High Tech Venture inside the field of geo-strategic investments and the physical international trade of energy products. Located in the heart of Europeans Business metropole we are connected in the main markets for energy and high tech industry especially medical technology and raw materials. Most of our direct businesses are conducted by our different units.

SGI is able to cover the whole range of procurement services, starting with the search for appropriate sources, commencing with the analysis of these sources, their development by offering guidance, advisory and mediating services during the negotiation process and eventually flowing into the logistics and quality management of the transaction. However in practice projects turn out to be more focussed on certain stages of the procurement process. SGI also provides access to licences, collaboration and investment opportunities in the countries of origin.

SGI is also engaged in the transfer of cutting edge know-how and technology between companies and economies.


Our services are:

  • Source scouting
  • Source evaluation/ assesment
  • Source development
  • Negotiation management
  • Project consulting, development and managament
  • Intermediate and broker services
  • Logistics and QM services

High Level International Consulting

offers governemental consulting to support political global and strategical energy decisions for western and near eastern governments.
Either on national political, municipal
or federative top level - we serve you
on demand.
.All current and next political activities in each industrial and newly industrialized country will be decisive for the future of our planet and will consist sustainable responsibilities of each political decision maker. We are willing and able to set up the future.
Contact us for further information.

Top Level Network

consists a selected network of most experienced professionals, highly reputated organizations and renowned companies †each one standing for sound expertise in their specific area of competence. This network forms an elaborate and rich potential. We are able to activate these latent structures upon request building top level performance teams which meet the clientâ€s requirement with made to measure accuracy. So we are able to combine the advantages of small and big players †moving swiftly and staying innovative as well as unfolding a powerful striking force.

"Actio recta non erit, nisi recta fuerit!"
"Nemo prudens punit, quia peccatum est, sed ne peccetur"

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